Entrepreneur bio

I got my start in 2000 when the founders of CollegeHumor brought me in to do frontend design. I soon became a partner in the company, playing the CTO role but also contributing heavily to product and editorial. We launched several other properties, mostly failures, but two successes: First, Busted Tees, then, Vimeo, which I started as an art project. We sold the whole company (called Connected Ventures) in 2006.

I was fired in late 2007 and went on to start a music company called Normative, which put out some great music with awesome artists. I was not experienced or devoted enough to succeed. I shut it down in late 2009. For the next year and a half, I worked on some solo projects, including Hybrowse and Pummelvision. The latter taught me that no matter how much discipline and energy I mustered, I simply couldn’t build a company by myself.

In mid-2011, I started putting together a new company that would generate other companies. Elepath was born on March 3rd, 2012, creating dozens of prototypes, two of which are now maturing into their own companies: Exposure and Keezy. Sometime after they “leave the house”, we’ll hire the next wave of Elepath developers, applying the lessons learned so far. I plan to lead Elepath for ten total years - until March 3rd, 2022.

Jake Ludowick

I like how Jake just does stuff. His bio shows what entrepreneurship is really like: trying a lot of things and succeeding some times. Jake’s company, Elepath, created one of my favourite “music tools” Keezy.