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Visual explanation of Yesterday's Weather

Yesterday’s Weather is web and mobile app made by Drew Thomas that compares today’s weather with yesterday’s weather, in a friendly sentence.

For example:

I interviewed Drew to learn how he made the app and created a visual explanation on my iPad.

Web app

  • You start by entering your ZIP code into a website made with Bubble.
  • Bubble sends your ZIP code to the Yesterday’s Weather API (made by Drew with PHP).
  • The YW API uses your ZIP code to find your location in latitude and longitude and sends that data back to Bubble.

  • Next, Bubble sends your location (in lat. and long.) to the Dark Sky API
  • The Dark Sky API sends the weather for your location back to Bubble.
  • Bubble displays today’s weather as a sentence

Mobile app

  • When you open the YW mobile app (made with Tunkable) it uses your phone’s GPS to get your location (no need to enter this data manually)
  • YW also stores your location locally so that it doesn’t need to check your location all the time
  • YW sends your location to the Dark Sky API.
  • The Dark Sky API sends the weather for your location back to the app.
  • Again, YW displays today’s weather as a sentence.

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android.


Here’s a time lapse of me drawing the whole thing.

Made for Drew Thomas.


  • Adobe Draw
  • Apple iPad Pro

Magical prototyping tool

Drawing of a prototyping tool

Here’s a prototyping tip I got from the AJ&Smart Design Sprint Masterclass.

When you’re prototyping you can create your screen flow in your tool of choice and just use place holders until the final screens are ready to be added. That way you don’t have to wait on the final screens and can keep making progress on prototyping day 🙌

If you want to power up your prototyping these are the types of gold nuggets you can learn by taking the Masterclass.

Made for AJ&Smart.


  • Adobe Draw
  • Apple iPad Pro