Hello, this is Blair Rorani from Xealand, it’s good to meet you.


I’ve spent well over a decade visualising and explaining business software and processes for:

My work involved mapping how software and processes worked and then designing educational strategy, content, tools and experiences to up skill the teams who used them.

I realised that everything humans do at work can be thought of as a workflow. A workflow is just a way to get from A B by completing a series of tasks.

Workflows are defined by business processes (e.g. the onboarding process for a new customer) and are supported by software (e.g. a CRM with customer records). However, most organisations rely on training (in all its forms) to compensate for unclear, overly complicated processes and business software that is hard to use.

Instead of just visualising and explaining systems and processes after they are designed, I’m using my skill set to help teams design smarter, automated workflows (processes and systems).

Why Xealand?

Automating workflows isn’t just about getting rid of the humans and giving all the work to computers

I created Xealand to give teams a shared, visual process for mapping how they work currently, identifying opportunities to automate repetitive manual tasks and then prototyping and testing redesigned, automated workflows. I call this “workflow design”.

I’m creating tools and training to help teams use workflow design to get aligned around how work is done and to explore the possibilities of automation, together.

If that sounds interesting or valuable to you, then send me an email or a tweet.